Importance Of Hindi

Hindi is an ancient language that has not only had tremendous impact on world history, but continues to have tremendous impact on the world today.


The Hindi language is very old, and has a direct line of evolution to Sanskrit. As such it is part of one of the oldest religious and literary traditions in the world – traditions that have influenced other religions and works of art, whether we realise it or not. As such Hindi is incredibly important in the historic development of the world’s cultures, and well worth not just honouring, but studying. Anyone with an interest in world history or languages would do well to do a little bit of intense reading on the subject of Hindi.

India is also a rising power in the world. It still struggles with poverty on a grand scale, but there is every indication that India is emerging as an economic powerhouse. If nothing else, it’s huge population means it is a market that no global business can hope to ignore, and India has additionally signalled clearly its desire to establish itself as a regional superpower. This all means that you can expect India to have a larger and larger impact on the world in both political and artistic arenas – making Hindi more and more important as we move forward.


Finally, it might surprise some Westerners to know that India has one of the largest and most successful film industries in the world. Indian cinema has a distinct flavour and has contributed many innovations to the world of film. Any student of global culture – or any student of cinema, period – owes it to themselves to experience some of these amazing films. In order to truly appreciate them in their original glory, some knowledge of Hindi would be helpful. Knowing something of Hindi immediately opens up literally thousands of films to your experience – films that have had tremendous cultural impact in India and beyond.

The importance of Hindi language ist he second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. It’s estimated that nearly half a billion people worldwide speak this wonderful language. The importance of Hindi is one of the many languages in India that is considered to be the national and official language of the northern parts of India.

The Hindi language is also known as Hindi-Urdu or Hindustani and also had many different regional and national dialects. Hindi derives from the Indo-European language family of languages. The closest language to Hindi can be considered Arabic. However, unlike Arabic, Hindi is written left to right.

After the Independence of India in 1947 began a period of growth that continues today. The tourism industry in India has increased and is expected to keep increasing for many more years bring in hundreds of billions US dollars a year with an annual 10% growth rate. The importance of Hindi is beneficial regardless if you do it for fun or for your career or even just for personal travel. This is for many reasons such as the following.

1)Hindi Language Today

Indian songs and hymns have been adapted and used by various popular rap and pop music artists. From science to commerce and business to various multimedia as shown India to becoming a viable world economy with increasing interest in the world. Bollywood as it is called the second biggest film following Hollywood. Indian music becomes influential, not only audiences in the United States but also with the rest of the world.

2) Hindi Language in Tourism

India is filled with a lot of beautiful and incredible architectural achievements such as the Taj Mahal Palace, considered the icon of the Capital of Mumbai, Mahabodhi Temple, the Shore Temple, and the Bridhadishwara Temple, which is considered by some as India’s most prized architectural site. Another part of the attraction of Tourists to India is the geographical diversity of the country, such as its Waters falls in the Western Ghats. Tourism is a major part of India’s economy and plays a major part in its employment as well.

3) Hindi Language in Business

Anyone that wants to compete globally will need to put some effort in growing their business into India. India is currently the fourth largest economy in the world(by GDP) after the USA, China, and Japan. It is predicted by 2025, that India will surpass Japan. India’s huge potential for growth and innovation has made the importance of Hindi as a global language.

Other then tourism, India is growing in every other aspect such as science, commerce, business, and other information systems/digital media.

Although there are still some societal problems within the country. India’s growth seems unstoppable and shows no sign of slowing down. Companies that eye operational and sales expansion in the South Asia region are mostly recruiting people who are familiar with Indian culture and who could articulately and fluently speak and write Hindi.

The importance of the Hindi-speaking population as an important global market segment. Making it a very viable and important target for most global-minded businesses.

people who can fluently speak and write Hindi are actively recruited for South Asia companies as well as companies internationally. It would truly be to your advantage if you would be able to speak and write Hindi.

Whether you plan to migrate to India or not, in the end, you will surely find your decision in learning the importance of the Hindi language as a very beneficial one.

  • Why Learn Hindi – Ten Reasons to Learn Hindi

You probably already have your own reasons to learn Hindi but in case you don’t have one already or still looking for more reasons to get motivated to learn Hindi. This article should help you answer the question “why learn Hindi?”

1 – Over Half a Billion People Worldwide Speak Hindi

Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world and is the official language of India.

Hindi is also referred to as Hindi-Urdu, Standard Hindi, Modern Standard Hindi, and Literary Hindi. Roughly 300 million speak Hindi as native speakers and another 200 million speak Hindi as a second language.

2 – Many Jobs are Being Outsourced to India

Improve Business Opportunities by Learning New Languages

Many technology jobs are currently being outsourced over to India. Even if you don’t personally have any plans to move to India, you might find yourself dealing with native Hindi-speakers more and more often.

3 – India is One of the Most Exotic Tourist Locations

India is one of the most exotic tourist locations in the world. Picturing India one can imagine the wonders:

Taj Mahal

cups of steaming chai tea

spicy cuisine

women’s vibrant colored saris

intricate temples

sacred cows

elephant rides


bustling streets

Visitors come to see Delhi’s landmarks, enjoy Goa’s sandy beaches, marvel at Karnataka’s monumental architecture, experience Mumbai’s cosmopolitan nightlife and admire the palaces of Rajasthan.

4 – Popularity of Bollywood Films

Characterized by their highly entertaining musical numbers and elaborate sets. Bollywood films are a growing phenomenon among foreign audience over the globe in places like the United States, the United Kingdom, and other parts of Asia and Africa. Knowing Hindi allows you to understand and appreciate these films more without having to rely on subtitles.

5 – Growth of India’s Economy is Unstoppable

India is becoming one of the world’s biggest exporters of commerce, business, digital media, and other information based technologies. And this trend doesn’t seem like it will be stopping anytime soon.

6 – Plan to Travel to India Someday

Travel to India. India is one of the most exotic, fascinating and exciting places in the world. Its rich history and culture have significantly influenced the civilization in the East. India’s wonderful heritage is manifested in its intricate temples, elaborate architecture and other awe-inspiring landmarks.

7 – If you have a Family / Partner that Speaks Hindi

Want to learn Hindi as it’s your partner’s native language and you want to surprise them or improve communication between you.

8 – Learn Hindi as a Hobby/Love of Learning Languages

Maybe you are just one of those people that just enjoy learning languages for the fun of it! Once you’ve mastered the urge to learn more becomes pretty strong. Contrary to popular opinion, not much confusion happens between languages.

9 – To Fully Embrace the Culture of India and Hindi

Learning Hindi will help you fully embrace the culture of Hindi with:

exotic Indian poetry



belief system


Hindi is based on Sanskrit which shares common ancestry with many other languages around the world.

10 – Academic Reasons to Learn Hindi

Because of the higher demand for people speaking Hindi, many of the world’s governments and agencies have been offering scholarships and other opportunities for individuals who are interested in Hindi studies and learning Hindi.

Hindi is truly an amazing language to learn. I hope you find this article helpful